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Teaching - Enseignement

Analyzing phenotypic variation : from micro to macro-evolution
This is a one week teaching session focusing on the following themes

The genetic bases of morphological variation
Phenotypic plasticity
Canalization, robustness
Symmetry and asymmetry
Integration and modularity

Other lectures

At the Museum: Statistics; Scientific english
At the UPMC: Epigenetics
At the ENS: G by E

Morphometrics workshop in Naturalis Museum
(Leiden, Netherlands,  24 -26 sept. 2013)

Symmetry and asymmetry in biology
3 and 4 of april 2014 : A two days conference organized with Violaine Llaurens
Program (pdf)

Recent broad audience talks - Diffusion des connaissances: conférences récentes

-Libre pensée
-Séminaire Centre Cavaillès

Centre d'études Nucléaires de Bordeaux Gradignan (Bordeaux)
Biological Asymmetry and Evolution

Ecole Joliot Curie - Symmtries in subatomic systems (Lacanau)
Biological Asymmetry and Evolution

Société Francaise de Physique (Grenoble)
Gènes, développement, environnement et évolution: quand Lamarck conforte Darwin


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